Friday, March 5, 2010

March Snowman

I'd wanted to do yard work this week but I didn't get much accomplished. I thought that if the weather wold hold out for me I would do some today. Well, it didn't. It snowed! So, no yard work but both Max and I are sick of being in the house so we put on our snow clothes and trekked out to the back yard to play. Max loved it. He would run, throw himself down in the snow, lay there for a minute laughing and then jump up and do it all over again. Sometimes he would stop in between to help me build our snowman. He liked rolling the giant snowball around and making it bigger and he loved putting the face on. I think he decided that the snowman was his new best friend because when it was all done, he walked up to it and wrapped his little arms around the sides and gave it a hug. He sat there with his head on the snowman's chest for a few seconds. He was very disappointed when it was time to come back in the house. Even though I didn't get my yard work done, I was happier with how my day turned out than I would've otherwise. Max seems to do that to me. :)

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