Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

A couple Saturdays ago our ward had an Easter Egg hunt. I went with all of the kids except Jakson (He had practice for his dance) and Thayne was working. It was Max's first Easter Egg hunt and it was a lot of fun to watch him. The girls helped Max while Kyle found candy to bring home to Jakson.

At first Max didn't want anything to do with the plastic eggs. I opened one so that he could see that there was candy inside. He took one piece out, closed it and put it in his basket... He proceeded to follow that process with every egg he picked up. It was really funny. By the end of the event his face was covered in candy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The sorcerer's apprentice!

Jakson had the opportunity to take part in a program that Ballet West does for the elementary schools in our area. They practice the dances for months and then put on a big performance. Jakson was in a few of the dances but since he is so outgoing they chose him to be the star of one of them... The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He totally hammed it up... I'm sure that's a surprise. :)

Jakson is the one in the red shirt with the hat and the magic wand... the center of attention is where he feels most comfortable.

Jakson is in a white shirt for this one. You can pick him out easily since he is always moving himself around so that he is in the front of the crowd. He is also the one that is ALWAYS bouncing up and down. :)

Max & Vanessa Sitting in a tree....

Vanessa comes over to play on Mondays. She's about a year younger than Max but he absolutely adores her. Well, so do I. She is such a sweet little girl and easy to have around. Max is completely convinced that she is his girlfriend. He gets so excited when she comes over. I have to hold him back so he doesn't smother her. He does really well with her once the excitement fades off a little. I tell him to be soft with her and he pets her head. He also loves to give her big wet slobbery kisses. She laughs and tries to grab his face. It really is adorable. Today I sat her on the couch and then took our breakfast dishes to the kitchen. When I came back, Max was sitting next to her on the couch with his arm around her. It made my day.
Aren't they cute?!?!

She is adorable... I made her this hat.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


This week was Kassidy's school musical. They did Suessical and it was really cute. They really had some amazing singers. The props were cool and the costumes were colorful. We all enjoyed it. Even Max sat and watched for a good portion of the show. Kassidy was one of the Whos in Whoville. She made her own costume. She looked really cute and had a really good time performing. It was fun to watch her. She is such a cute girl. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I heart weddings

I absolutely LOVE weddings. Flowers, decorations, photos, food, pretty dresses, tux's and romance. I'm a sucker for it all. But I especially love them when I know and love the people getting married. And I especially love it when I get to be a part of making the whole thing happen. So, when my friend Cherie called me about making bridesmaids dresses I was ecstatic. Her son is marrying my other friend Carla. Carla is like a sister to me and Cherie is like a mom. It's like one big family that we have and it's great. I love that I get to be involved in Bart & Carla's wedding in such a big way and I love that I get to help out some of my favorite people on this earth. I will be making 6 dresses in all... tonight I got started on a dress for Carla and she will decide if she likes it for her bridesmaids or not. If she does, I'll be going ahead with the 5 other dresses in beautiful shades of coral pink. If not, we will go back to the drawing board and find another pattern that she likes. Photos to follow....

Friday, March 5, 2010

March Snowman

I'd wanted to do yard work this week but I didn't get much accomplished. I thought that if the weather wold hold out for me I would do some today. Well, it didn't. It snowed! So, no yard work but both Max and I are sick of being in the house so we put on our snow clothes and trekked out to the back yard to play. Max loved it. He would run, throw himself down in the snow, lay there for a minute laughing and then jump up and do it all over again. Sometimes he would stop in between to help me build our snowman. He liked rolling the giant snowball around and making it bigger and he loved putting the face on. I think he decided that the snowman was his new best friend because when it was all done, he walked up to it and wrapped his little arms around the sides and gave it a hug. He sat there with his head on the snowman's chest for a few seconds. He was very disappointed when it was time to come back in the house. Even though I didn't get my yard work done, I was happier with how my day turned out than I would've otherwise. Max seems to do that to me. :)