Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ward Easter Egg Hunt

A couple Saturdays ago our ward had an Easter Egg hunt. I went with all of the kids except Jakson (He had practice for his dance) and Thayne was working. It was Max's first Easter Egg hunt and it was a lot of fun to watch him. The girls helped Max while Kyle found candy to bring home to Jakson.

At first Max didn't want anything to do with the plastic eggs. I opened one so that he could see that there was candy inside. He took one piece out, closed it and put it in his basket... He proceeded to follow that process with every egg he picked up. It was really funny. By the end of the event his face was covered in candy.


  1. ok, your family is so cute. i love the pic of you all at the graduation.

  2. Thanks Em! They really are the best. I wish that we had been able to get the girls in that pic with us but it was so crazy and there were so many people there that it was impossible to track them down... Great to have it with my boys though... I LOVE my boys!