Thursday, August 9, 2012

3 Months

Baby girl is 3 months old now and just getting to be more and more fun. It is great to see her little personality developing. She is so happy and mellow. She eats well, sleeps well and loves to hang out with us. She giggled at me a couple weeks ago and we've been trying like crazy to get her to do it again but she's being stubborn and won't give in. She still gives us unlimited smiles though and we all love that. She starting to figure out that she has a voice. Just this morning after I fed her she laid there and cooed at us for at least 5 minutes straight. It sounded like she was trying to sing to us. This last week she also started to notice that she can control her hands. I watched her look at them with amazement as she moved them around. :) She loves to go on walks at night after it's cooled off and the street lights are all on, she becomes hypnotized by them. She's growing so fast. Getting longer and longer and her cheeks get squishier and squishier. I think she might be teething. She drools almost constantly and loves gnawing on anything she can.

Max is still crazy about her. I keep thinking the excitement for him will wear off but it sill hasn't. He loves to show her off everywhere we go. He still wants to hold her, hug, kiss and pet her all the time too. He loves helping with her in any way that he can (he's great at taking her diapers to the trash... Score!). He's made an incredible big brother and I'm excited to see them grow up together as close friends.

The excitement for Thayne and I hasn't worn off either. Or even the older kids. We could just sit and hold her and look at her all day. I love sewing cute little clothes for her and making hair bands and girly stuff. Having a girl has been more fun for me than I expected it to be. She has stolen each and every one of our hearts and already has us all wrapped around her little finger.