Monday, March 22, 2010

Max & Vanessa Sitting in a tree....

Vanessa comes over to play on Mondays. She's about a year younger than Max but he absolutely adores her. Well, so do I. She is such a sweet little girl and easy to have around. Max is completely convinced that she is his girlfriend. He gets so excited when she comes over. I have to hold him back so he doesn't smother her. He does really well with her once the excitement fades off a little. I tell him to be soft with her and he pets her head. He also loves to give her big wet slobbery kisses. She laughs and tries to grab his face. It really is adorable. Today I sat her on the couch and then took our breakfast dishes to the kitchen. When I came back, Max was sitting next to her on the couch with his arm around her. It made my day.
Aren't they cute?!?!

She is adorable... I made her this hat.

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