Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eagle Scout

Sunday was Kyle's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was so great to see him there and all that he has accomplished. I could not be more proud. He has turned out to be such a great man. Weird to say that he is man... he really is now but a part of me will always see him as a kid. He will be 19 in 3 weeks. Then it won't be long before he leaves to go on a mission. It will be strange having him gone. Our family just won't be the same without him around. He has a way of making everything more fun for everyone. But I am so grateful for the direction that he has chosen to take in his life and I support him 100%. It has been such a great privilege to be a part of his life and I consider myself the luckiest step mom there ever was. All 4 of my step kids have been amazing and I'm so grateful for all of them.

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