Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 of the busiest weeks of the year

The past last 2 weeks and the first couple days of september are always some of the busiest weeks of the entire year for us. August 20th is my birthday, the 30th is Thayne's birthday, September 1st is our Anniversary and the 2nd is Max's birthday. That's just what we have going on in our immediate family too. I'm not even going to get started on all of the stuff we have with our extended families. It's pure insanity.

I told you about my birthday and the awesome dishwasher Thayne got me. It really has changed my life. I feel like a free woman! I'm not sure how I ever survived doing dishes by hand. It really is about the simple things in life. :) We decided that the dishwasher would be a joint gift for both mine and Thayne's birthday so I was off the hook for having to shop for him (which really is nearly impossible). So, the day before we had all of the kids over, including Maddie, and I made a big lunch of Carne Asada, homemade refried beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole. It was delicious. And with our dishwasher, clean up from this big lunch only took about 45 minutes instead of the 3 hours that it normally would have taken me. Then we went to see Thayne's brother Bin and his family for cake and ice cream. The cake was compliments of our neighbor Diane and Bin's wife Anel provided the ice cream. It was a fun and laid back afternoon and Thayne thoroughly enjoyed his 39th birthday.

On our Anniversary we just went out to dinner because our big plan was to spend a night in Park City on the weekend. Park City was awesome. We ate good food and had a really relaxing night alone. Thank goodness for the friends and family who helped us pull off the overnighter.

For Max's birthday we let him do whatever he wanted all day. He woke up around 11 that night and Thayne thought it would be a good idea to take him to get ice cream. He loved it. Tomorrow we are having a party for him with our families so that he can open presents and eat cake and ice cream. I will post photos next week.

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