Saturday, January 9, 2010

70 Years Old

I LOVE my house. It's charming, cozy & original. There aren't any other houses in my neighborhood that look like mine. It's also small - under 2000 sq. feet. I love that too. I don't need a lot of space. I don't want to have to clean a lot of space. We still have 5 bedrooms - plenty for our family of 7 and still room left for a guest bedroom. It's all I could ask for. EXCEPT, it's 70 years old. I know that's where it gets its charm but it's kinda a headache too. It's been well taken care of so when we moved in 4 years ago there really wasn't that much that we had to do. It was livable. Old but livable. We've slowly been working on updating it. The first big project was the upstairs bathroom. It's still not completely done but it is mostly. It has turned out beautiful and it will be awesome when we do get the last of the small details done. We also started painting the outside of our house a couple summers ago. That project got put on hold when Max was born. We have to scrape the old paint off and it's lead based so we can't do it with Max around. One of these days after it warms up maybe I'll send Max to my sister Blythe's for the weekend so we can get it done. I'm getting sick of a half painted house. But again, when it is finally done, it will be awesome. So, this weekend we started a new project. It's a lot easier than the bathroom or painting the entire house. It will be done a lot sooner too. I'm going to make sure of that. Thayne got a really good deal on carpet from a guy that he was doing some electrical work for. The carpet in the basement is HORRIBLE. The kids have been troopers for putting up with it. Today we pulled up the old stuff in the boys' room. What was under it was amazing.

Thayne's a pretty handy guy to have around. I can do whatever he can't so between the 2 of us, we've never had to hire anyone for any of the work we've done on our house.

The blue commercial grade carpet is what we've had. It wasn't even attached to the floor at all. Max loved pulling it back and picking at the pad underneath. We had to put an end to that. Too bad I never knew that underneath that pad Max loved picking at was a Gorgeous green & yellow checker board floor. Ick. Some of the things we've found in this house have really baffled us and this is one of them.

We're also going to paint the kids' rooms and update some of the electrical stuff. My deadline for it is the end of February. I'll let you know how that goes.

I also started a different kind of project today. TONS of my friends are having babies. I have 2 baby showers next saturday. I like to make gifts instead of buying them. I couldn't decide what to give to my friends for their babies. I have a couple of friends that make quilts and I've always loved them. They sell them but they aren't cheap. Plus, my motto is "If I can make it for less $, I won't buy it". So, inspired by my quilting friends, I started my first quilt today. It's probably way more detailed than I should have made it considering that it is my first but I can't go back now. I got quite a bit done and I'm happy with the results so far. I will post pictures after the baby showers so there is no risk of the recipients seeing them before they should.

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