Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 Months!

Georgia has learned some fun new tricks in the last month. She now points and claps. Her favorite thing to point at is the light and she says "light" in a breathy whisper when she does it. Light is her first and only word at this point. It's very exciting around here. She still isn't crawling but is so close that its crazy. She does get around a bit by scooting but she is still basically immobile. It definitely makes my life a little easier. Her two front teeth on top have finally made the final push through and she has quite a few more that are looking close.

She keeps trying new foods and loving all of them. She thinks its great to feed herself and everyone else.. She is already good at sharing. :)

She loves being entertained by anyone who will smile at her but she doesn't really like being held by strangers. She has also suddenly decided that she is not a very big fan of her big brother Kyle and she starts crying the second he tries to hold her. Its pretty funny.

The time is just flying by and I can't believe that my baby will be a year old in just two short months!

P.S. We just finished remodeling the house so we had to say good bye to our fun yellow walls. I miss the warm of the yellow but I love having something new. It just seems so fresh and clean and bright.

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