Saturday, February 9, 2013

9 Months

Holy cow! Georgia is 9 months! Time is just flying by. This fun little girl has had one crazy month. Almost exactly on month after she had croup she also came down with RSV. We took her in on day 2 and were bracing ourselves for it to get worse when the doctor said that day 4 would likely be the worst. Thankfully, she miraculously started improving after day 2. We were thankful for her quick recovery. It seems like the entire month of January made us all sick.

Georgia is enjoying new foods every day and still seems to like most everything. She's a little piggy and loves to eat. In the month between her having croup and getting RSV she gained almost 2 pounds. Her little cheeks get chubbier every day and her adorable dimples get deeper. Her hair is getting longer but is mostly just fuzzy. The hair at the very top of her head still stands straight up no matter what but we really love it. We call her our little troll doll.

Just in the last few days she starting getting the idea that it might be fun to try to crawl. She's still not crawling yet but really trying hard. I'm sure it won't be long now.

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