Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hospitals give me the creeps

A couple weeks ago my mom fell and broke her hip. I sat with her for about 7 hours on a friday night as they x-rayed and decided the best course of action. They admitted her and scheduled surgery for the next day. She was having a really hard time with all of it. Between the pain and lack of sleep her dimensia was worse than normal. We couldn’t leave her alone so us kids had to take shifts sitting with her. I spent most of the following week at the hospital with her. She had surgery and has since been released from the hospital so now we’re just getting her rehabbed so she can be mobile again. Being at the hospital stresses me out. I really hate it. I got a nasty cold and I totally blame it on being at the hospital. The first night that I was there my brother sam came and hung out for awhile too. I was freezing and I said “Why do hospitals always have to be so cold” his response was encouraging... “to preserve the bodies”.

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