Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dear Georgia

Dear Georgia,

Exactly one year ago I got to see your beautiful little face for the first time. That moment changed me. When you were still growing inside my tummy I would sometimes wonder how I could possibly have more room in my heart for another baby. My heart already felt so full. But the moment that you were born, and they handed you up to me, I felt my heart grow as I sobbed with joy. You completed our little family and from the very beginning you fit in perfectly. I laid your new little body on my chest and your dad and I laid there on our bed with you for almost 2 hours. Your little spirit captivated us.

Your little spirit captivates everyone that comes in contact with you. Quite often there is an audible gasp when you come into a room because everyone is completely taken by you. Your dimpled smile can make anyone feel better and your blue eyes dance around with excitement at everything they see. You love to make people smile and laugh but when it really comes down to it, you want to be close to me or your dad or Tristyn. I love to see the bond that you have with Tristyn. You couldn't ask for a better big sister. She didn't really think she ever wanted kids of her own until you were born. You won her over and made her realize that motherhood really was something that she wanted. She is strong and smart and has a good heart. Look up to her and strive to be the same kind of person that she is. When you're a teenager and think you're too cool for me ( I really hope that day never comes but I'm trying to be realistic here), go to Tristyn. Tell her your troubles and ask her advice. Confide in her. Keep the strong connection that you have with her. She will always be on your side and want what is best for you. But remember your other siblings too. They will also always be on your side. You have been blessed with a lot of older siblings and they all love you so so much.

Now, about your dad and I. Sometimes we will make you mad. Sometimes you will think we are being unfair. Sometimes you may even wish you had different parents. Just remember, we love you more than I can describe with words. We will undoubtedly make mistakes but in the end we will always fight for what is best for you. I promise to teach you to fight for what is right and stand up for yourself and what you believe in. I promise to teach you to listen to your own heart so you know who you are and what you want in life. I will teach you to be kind and compassionate and loving toward others. You will teach me the same things in return. Just know that I will do anything for you. You make me stronger. You make me happier. You are special and I know you will do amazing things in your life. I love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!

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