Wednesday, October 24, 2012

5 Months

Baby girl is 5 months old now. I'm posting this late because we went on vacation the day after she turned 5 months and all I got around to doing before we left was taking this photo. I was going to write this post while we were on vacation but my laptop flipped out and wouldn't let me upload the photo.

For vacation we went to Alabama. We drove there and back and it made for a very long 12 days but it was so much fun. Georgia had a lot of first time experiences. First time out of state, first time in the ocean, first time in a hot tub and swimming pool, first time meeting Papa Albert (Thayne's grandpa), first time meeting Uncle Jim & Aunt Meghan (My brother and his wife). I'm sure that there are probably others but my tired brain is still on vacation.

Georgia is getting to be more and more interactive every day. she coos more and coos in response to people talking to her. She is starting to sleep less during the day and become more alert and she continues to become more comfortable with Max and his craziness. She has started to really like her little baby toys that rattle and have little tags for her to play with. She has started reaching for things and people. In the grocery store in Alabama she grabbed a candy bar of the shelf. Too bad we wouldn't let her eat it. She has gotten close to being able to sit up on her own but still tips over pretty quickly. She figured out how much fun it can be to splash in the bath and giggles at herself when she does it.

She is still so much fun for all of us and I think she gets prettier every day.

I can't wait to blog about her first Halloween in next months post :)

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