Thursday, May 26, 2011

She's all grown up!

Tristyn graduated from High School yesterday. I can hardly believe it. Time flies by so fast these days and it only seems to be going faster. I swear it was yesterday when I first met Tristyn. She was 10 when Thayne and I started dating. Thayne introduced me to his kids about 3 weeks after we started dating. We went out on a Wednesday afternoon and had a picnic at the park and flew kites. It was so much fun. I remember how natural it all felt. They made me feel so welcome. That was 8 years ago. :( Tristyn and I became fast friends. She was my little buddy who ran all of my errands with me just because it was fun to hang out. One night Tristyn and I went to a dallor movie and to Wal-Mart for a prize. The prize she picked was a "Best Friends" bracelet to share with me. I have to admit that the kids all had a big part in my decision to marry Thayne. I was so excited by the idea to be able to be a part of these amazing little people's lives. And I do have to say that they have all made my life richer and more fun. Watching Tristyn grow up has been one of the highlights of the past 8 years. She has handled so many of her trials in life with incredible grace and integrity. SHE HAS MADE ME PROUD. In all that she has done. I love that girl. I have enjoyed every moment we've spent together. It makes me sad to realize that she is moving away for college in August and the time that I will get to spend with her will be cut dramatically. But I hope to be able to still continue to have our long conversations about life and people and the things we love. I hope that she always feels like she can talk to me in the same way that she always has. I hope that she knows just how much I love her and want only the best for her. I hope that she knows that I will support her through thick and thin and will always encourage her to be true to herself.

Tristyn, you are the more than I ever could have hoped for in a step daughter. I am so proud of you and I love you more than I can say. Congratualtions! I know that there are some amazing things waiting for you in your life and I can't wait to continue watching you experience all that life has to offer!

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